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International Tournaments

Hradec Kralove Open 2023

Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic



FIDE Open, rapid and blitz tournaments.


33rd annual North American Open

Nevada, USA



Heritage Event, American Classic, Grand Prix, Enhanced Grand Prix, Junior Grand Prix


Brno Open 2023


Czech Republic 





Round-robin IM and WIM tournaments, FIDE Open, rapid and blitz tournaments.


Support  FM Kevin Cupid 

Journey to International 


2X National

Chess Champ

Olympiad 2024 Qualifier


Cupid Chess Academy head coach 


Concrete Wall

These tournaments are so important! 

Here's why.

     Though I started chess at the late age of 13, I progressed quickly to top rankings locally by discipline, hard work and talent. My biggest challenge however, has been off the chess board. The lack of funding has slowed down my opportunities for further growth, sometimes even forcing me to take a break from competitive chess endeavors. Nevertheless, I persevered with the little assistance that was rendered at times, through the keen interest of onlookers who chose to play a pivotal role in my development. Now, here I am today, a two time National Champion of Trinidad and Tobago, a Fide Instructor and a Fide Chess Master.

     I feel like everyone should play chess. My goal is to popularize chess in Trinidad and Tobago and allow others to enjoy the many benefits that I have experienced. For example, just the foresight one attains can be applied to all stages and phases of life. Can you imagine what a different society we would have with kids applying critical thinking before major decisions and individuals improving their focus for longer than a Tik Tok video? Expanding Cupid Chess Academy has allowed me to become an ambassador for chess in Trinidad and Tobago on a small scale. The more accomplished I become, the more I can spread the love and many benefits of the sport. I've been playing chess for 20 years! I am ready to take it to the next level.

     Performing well in these challenging overseas tournaments would increase my rating and potentially earn me an International Master title, which is one level below the prestigious Chess Grand Master. This is no easy task but I am competitive, ambitious and determined to go all the way. Are you ready to send me on such a journey? I appreciate all the encouragement from my supporters. Let's turn it into action.

Best Regards,

              FM Kevin Cupid 

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